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Difficulty increases same as 6 mo. historical avg and LTC stays at current price.Lastly, for entrepreneurs there are other areas to focus on beyond the token such as the financial instruments and applications discussed by Mike Hearn in 2012 that utilize the Bitcoin or Litecoin protocol (e.g.Fast forward to early December, virtually all physical stores in any big city throughout China were sold out of the following Radeon models: 7950, 7970, R280, R280X.

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In 2011, Scrypt was adopted as the proof-of-work mechanism used by the Litecoin protocol.

He received it more than 6 months later at the end of November.I should point out that for this activity I negated electrical costs which obviously are non-negligible especially for a large GPU farm.

Litecoin tanked from 15usd per coin to sub 4 with much higher difficulty than it was before on top of.While you can read through the developmental history of both Bitcoin (the network) and bitcoin (the token), the original miners and early adopters from 2009 and 2010 mined for a variety of reasons and motivations.

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Difficulty increases same as 6 mo. historical avg and LTC increases at 6 mo. historical avg.Of course this is just the first generation and other companies might be able to make more efficient chips.

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Look at the past month of Litecoin difficulty as well as the price drop.

This USB stick Miner for SCRYPT based Crypotcoins like Litecoin, FeatherCoin and others.I bought one, and then attempted to get a refund on it and was scammed.The biggest difficulties for a massive GPU farm like that however will be logistics, cooling and storage.Yet the difficulty rating was still (temporarily) at around a mere 1,000 meaning that the return-on-investment for even a small rig composed of 7950s was relatively quick.Spot on with this write-up, I truly believe that this site needs far more.You still need to factor in electricity costs, the transportation and shipping fees (unless you live next to the manufacturing and distribution center) as well as the pool fees.

One other option for HNWI is that you could invest in an IC design company such as Alchip which does the physical design for KnC. 8 Or create your own engineering team to build ASIC machines for internal use only and sell public shares just like ASICMiner in Guangdong did last year.Again, crypto mining involves a scarce resource ( block discovery in which the coin or token are part of) and in order to mine you need capital investment, in the form of a GPU.

This is my seconding mining farm mining Dogecoin and Litecoin.Short answer, probably not unless you point it to another Scrypt-based token like dogecoin.That is to say, as bullish as you may be on any particular asset class (including cryptocurrencies) there is always a statistical possibility that its liquid price could sink below whatever level you have bought at (e.g., underwater ).

It was purposefully chosen by Charlie Lee due the understanding that it was more resistant (not necessarily immune) to GPU and ASIC mining than the SHA256d proof-of-work used by the Bitcoin protocol.Mining type. LITECOIN. Second in popularity after Bitcoin. Contract. SCRYPT. Term. Lifetime. Revenue.Welcome to Mining litecoins since October 21, 2011.

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